The Split Between Democracy and Capitalism-Focal Point: Latin America

This is the outline of a speech I gave for a current events seminar. It’s somewhat rough, but gets out the ideas. I’m sure this will provide plenty for discussion and argument.

Equal opportunity is the bedrock of freedom. This nation was established to preserve, protect, and ensure that opportunity. The United States (and the world) will need to make a very important decision over the next 30 years: whether to choose democracy or capitalism. One system protects equal opportunity while the other stifles it. These opposing approaches to political economy have been bed-partners for over 150 years, being bound more tightly during the 20th century as the world attempted to settled the question of totalitarianism (as the face of fascism and communism) vs. parlimentarianism (as the face of capitalism).

Latin America provides an interesting focal point to discuss this split. Over the next few minutes we will discuss 10 questions that lead us through the issues. In order to explain this decision, we must first define our terms.

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