Protectionism and Capitalism Win Smashing Victory Over Free Trade and Equal Opportunity.

The headlines don’t read so blatantly, but the failure of the Doha round of the WTO talks essentially results in the above title. With the U.S. unwilling to work to eliminate farm subsidies and the European Union and the U.S. unwilling to open their markets to poorer countris, they have only perpetuated the protectionism and poverty and limited the opportunities for third world countries to enter the world market. No wonder Hugo Chavez can argue that capitalism doesn’t work to take care of the poor and that the U.S. practices unfair economic policies because he is right on both accounts.

The U.S. demands that third-world countries open their markets, but as the richest, most prosperous nation, is unwilling to do so. If the U.S. is going to be a lasting world leader, they must lead by example, by implimenting the law of universality and allowing for application to itself the restrictions and recommendations it essentially imposes on other countries.

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