Something happened yesterday. An accident. Two unfortunate deaths. Sadness and loss.

However, based on the news stories, the inuedno, and the fear it would appear that “liberal mainstream media” is participating very willingly in promoting the war on Terror.

Cory Lidle’s death (and that of his flight instructor) yesterday in a small plane crash in Manhattan is sad. But it has nothing to do with terrorism. Watching/listening to CNN (the liberal MSM) this morning, all stories having to do with this accident have accentuated the ways this relates to the war on terror…if a terrorist could load a small plane with explosives or a nuclear device…we need to exert more control over airspace to prevent the terrorists from doing anything like this.

Now my point is not that it’s impossible for an ill-meaning individual to perform an act of terrorism in this manner. My point is two-fold: first, the media in this country is complicit with the government in generating the feelings of fear because they want to make a buck; second, the media doesn’t have a liberal bias: the media has an elite bias. If the media had a liberal bias (and if the “liberals” believed in all the things that the self-proclaimed “alternative” media–read Hannity, Limbaugh and FOX–says they believe) the media would NOT accentuate the terrorism angle in this case. However, because they make money from fear (as does the government) they are anxious to push that angle.

The MSM doesn’t want the war on Terror to end because their story would end and their profits would be affected (until they found the next story of fear, able to get Americans to glue themselves to their couch and watch until the wee hours of the morning). The government is willing to have the war of Terror last as long as our other two interminable wars (the “war on drugs” and the “war on cancer”) because all three allow the government to increase their involvement in the economy and in the suspension (or potentially elimination) of individual liberties.

I recognize that this comes off as more libertarian than I’ve written previously. However, it frustrates the Idealist that individuals will manipulate the emotions of the people and take advantage of sad events to push an agenda and turn a profit. If we wonder why people do things, follow the money. It will lead us to the reason.

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  1. Very good point, Mike.

    I doubt that the profit motive will ever change. We just have to recognize it as basic human nature and work on building a culture which values accurate, fair, incredulous, and relevant reporting far above entertainment. I’m not too optimistic that this will happen without a great deal of pain.

  2. Watt,

    I agree that the profit motive will never change unless human nature changes. It seems this can only be accomplished in two ways: first, recognizing through interpersonal experience that 1) money brings no happiness and 2) others always have something to teach us; and second, giving our souls, interest, and heart over to a Higher Power. Only if we get outside ourselves can we overcome that nature.

    The changing of the culture that values truth more that entertainment has to take place first at home and then in the schools (I mean public schools throughout the nation would be much more about education and truth and less about entertainment with a simple change…requiring uniforms). Churches must approach others who believe differently with respect (not just superficial) and humility.

    Man, I am such an idealist…would that the solutions were so simple.

  3. Is looking at this page going to land me on a government watch list?

    Hello. I am Todd. I will check in from time to time, if only to keep Mike from adopting Malawi children and moving to France.

    The MSM are motivated both by profit and politics – but mostly politics. The proof is that CNN and other MSM outlets continue to bleed money because no one is watching, because no one believes them. Fox, Hannity and Rush are making money hand over fist. Air America is in bankruptcy. If the MSM really cared about profit they would abandon their obvious liberal agendas and speak to mainstream America. True, Fox milked the Lidle story for every ounce of sensationalism but did not use it to flog the War on Terror. For CNN, NPR and the rest it was another opportunity to take a swipe at America and Bush. You see, by now Bush should have arrested every terrorist in the world (in a nonviolent fashion) and put them in jail (without violating any of their constituional rights, nevermind they are not US citizens) and protected us against mediocre MLB pitchers who think they can fly. USA! USA! USA? No, we suck. And the MSM is happy to highlight every failure to drive Republicans out of office. It might work.

    Of course, the Lidle attack is Clinton’s fault. If he had reacted appropriately after JFK Jr. tried to fly to Martha’s Vineyard, the millionaires on the upper East side would have been protected from Yankee terrorism. Clinton let us down again.

  4. Todd,

    I will allow almost anything on this blog except vague comparisons to Madonna. That will offend me.

    Todd is a neocon who I try to keep from trying to democratize all the world by force and remind him about something humanity occasionally.

    Regarding CNN, MSNBC, etc and the bleeding of money…that would matter if that’s the way they made the money.

    My comment became too long. See the next post.

  5. Neocon? Okay, I’ll accept that as long as you do not confuse me with the “neocons” surrounding President Bush. A true neocon would have never invaded Iraq so lightly or so sweetly.

    Where is the next post you mentioned?

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