Faith and Freedom

Another quote from Tocqueville:

“For my own part, I doubt whether man can ever support at the same time complete religious independence and entire public freedom. And I am inclined to think, that if faith be wanting in him, he must serve; and if he be free, he must believe.”

What do you think about this? Does true freedom require faith in a Higher Being? Why? How does complete secularism lead to servitude? Is Tocqueville right? I think so, but I need to explore it more completely.

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  1. Thinking about this has finally brought me to a better understanding of the statement, “The truth shall make you free.” The truth only makes us free of the trappings of this world in a Paul-like enchained triumph. If you have no belief in at least a transcendental goodness, your entire frame of reference is temporal, terrestrial, and carnal. This robs you of hope. Therefore, you are a servant to this earth and its demands and caprices, working to avoid its pitfalls rather than enjoy its potential (because the only outcome is food for worms). You have to play the game of this earth, even seeing its hypocrisy, hopelessness, and brutality. If you refuse to, you become essentially an inanimate object, void of usefulness. On the other hand, a belief in a transcendental goodness or a Higher Being gives life a purpose and an artificiality that frees us from its stickiness.

    Whoa . . . that was a trip! Thanks for putting me on the train.

  2. Thanks, Dave. The entire book has powerful gems like this one.

    I agree. The truth allows one to operate from an entirely different frame. It allows me to recognize that the only true realism is idealism. It frees me from the limits of a carnal world and gives hope that Christ’s words are actually the Way to establish peace and happiness here.

    Another thought is that religion has a tendency to get away from spirituality and truth and become part of the machine, especially if it isn’t changing to slowly weed out the human portion and increase the divine portion. Religions that attempt to overtly control or define what one should think about things outside the spiritual realm run a severe risk of losing their influence over the spirituality of human beings.

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